Getting Started with Resource Planner - 1 Year Access (1 User)

Become a Resource Scheduling Master with this easy-to-follow course! | taught by Rick Baxter

Course description

This course will take you through the basics of PlannerOne's Resource Planner. After each “show and tell” lesson, we encourage you to repeat the steps from the lesson in your own software. You will begin with a look at the key Four Step Workflow. Next, you will move to the Scheduling Board Orientation, so you know exactly how to use every option in Resource Planner. After a quick review in A Day in the Life of a Scheduler, you will learn about Skills Management and the mapping of your Jobs and/or Service Orders on a MapQuest Map. Finally, we will cover a few advanced topics, such as Custom Fields and Next Operation Links. Finally, you will complete the course learning the “back end” of PlannerOne and the System Administrator functions. By the time you are finished, you will be a master scheduler!

Rick Baxter
Rick Baxter
Lead Instructor - Cost Control Software

Rick is a Dynamics NAV expert with over 20 years of experience, focusing on the industries of Manufacturing, Jobs and Services, and Scheduling. Rick is the owner of Cost Control Software, a Microsoft certified ISV, located in Carmel, Indiana.

(317) 846-6025

Course Curriculum

Study Guide
Resource Planner Study Guide
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Chapter 1 - The Four Step Workflow
Lesson 1 - The Four Step Workflow
Lesson 2 - Add a New Job
Lesson 3 - Create Activities
Lesson 4 - Move Activities (if needed)
Lesson 5 - Publish to PlannerOne Activity Table
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Chapter 2 - Scheduling Board Orientation
Lesson 6 - Display Tab
Lesson 7 - Actions Tab
Lesson 8 - Filter Tab
Lesson 9 - Planning Tab
Lesson 10 - Search
Lesson 11 - The Six View Tabs
Lesson 12 - Indicators and Details
New Section! - Load Charts
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Chapter 3 - Manage the Schedule and Exceptions
Lesson 13 - Day in the Life of a Scheduler (Workflow Review)
Lesson 14 - New Views in NAV
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Chapter 4 - Skills Management
Lesson 15 - Skill Setup and Zones
Lesson 16 - Resource Assignments and Mapping
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Chapter 5 - Advanced Topics
Lesson 17 - Departments Menu and Role Center
Lesson 18 - Help Files
Lesson 19 - Custom Fields
Lesson 20 - Links
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Chapter 6 - System Administration
Lesson 21 - Dynamics NAV Permissions
Lesson 22 - PlannerOne Setup in NAV
Lesson 23 - PlannerOne Manager
Lesson 24 - Browser Option
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What's New in Version 6.0
Version 6.0
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