Getting Started with Job Manager for Dynamics NAV - 1 Year Access (1 User)

A complete training course on Job Manager for Dynamics NAV | taught by Rick Baxter

Course description

Job Manager's Online Training Course is now available! (For: NAV 2013, 2015, 2016) - Recorded in NAV 2016

Are you new to Job Manager? Are you maximizing Job Manager?

Now is your chance to really learn how to apply Job Manager to your Dynamics NAV properly. “Activity Based Costing” requires attention to details. You will learn all the details of Job Manager in this in-depth course.

Take the time to learn from NAV software developers Rick and Julia Baxter (Cost Control Software)

Why take this Job Manager course?

1. Content delivered in manageable lessons.

2. Many opportunities to pause and test what you learn as you go!

3. Study Guide included.

4. Full 1 Year Subscription.

5. Access to replay each lesson.

6. Make sure you fully utilize JM’s features.

7. After the course, follow up consulting is available from the Cost Control team.

8. The lessons can be played on your schedule.

Make sure to pause the videos, then test what you are learning in your own software!

For best results, have a quiet conference room computer and headset with Job Manager’s Practice Company fully installed.

Better yet, have your personal notebook computer with a current copy of your Job Manager installed too. (any version) This way you can learn at work or at home.

Scroll down to view the Table of Contents!

Rick Baxter
Rick Baxter
Lead Instructor - Cost Control Software

Rick is a Dynamics NAV expert with over 20 years of experience, focusing on the industries of Manufacturing, Jobs and Services, and Scheduling. Rick is the owner of Cost Control Software, a Microsoft certified ISV, located in Carmel, Indiana.

(317) 846-6025

Course Curriculum

Downloadable PDF Study Guide
Study Guide
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1. Job Manager Orientation
Lesson 1 - About this Class
Lesson 2 - Video Overview of Job Manager
Lesson 3 - Why Use Job Costing
Lesson 4 - Work Breakdown Structure
Lesson 5 - The Five Cost Sources
Lesson 6 - Review of a Job Workflow
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2. The Setup of Job Manager
Lesson 7 - Task List
Lesson 8 - Defaults Setup
Lesson 9 - Job Setup
Lesson 10 - Job Advanced Setup
Lesson 11 - Job Posting Groups
Lesson 12 - Job Journal Templates
Lesson 13 - Resources
Lesson 14 - Service Resource Template
Lesson 15 - Item Card Template
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3. Processing Your First Job
Lesson 16 - How to Setup Your First Job
Lesson 17 - Posting Actual Labor Costs
Lesson 18 - Posting Material Usage
Lesson 19 - How to Enter direct Vendor Invoices
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4. Estimating
Lesson 20 - How to Prepare for an Estimate
Lesson 21 - Service Job Estimating
Lesson 22 - Price for Our Service Job
Lesson 23 - Item Job Estimating
Lesson 24 - Price for Our Item Job
Lesson 25 - How to Save the Current Estimate
Lesson 26 - How to Create a Quote From a Planning Job
Lesson 27 - How to Create a Planning Job From a Quote
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5. Procurement
Lesson 28 - Buying for a Job - Manual
Lesson 29 - Buying for a Job - Automated
Lesson 30 - Buying Outside Processes - Manual
Lesson 31 - Buying Outside Processes - Automated
Lesson 32 - Purchase Quotes (coming soon!)
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6. Billing
Lesson 33 - Fixed Contract Amount
Lesson 34 - Free Form Invoices
Lesson 35 - Contract Amount Per Task
Lesson 36 - Milestone Billing
Lesson 37 - Time and Materials
Lesson 38 - From Sales Order
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7. Production of Finished Goods
Lesson 39 - Production with Back Flushing
Lesson 40 - Cost True Up (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 41 - Forward Flushing
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8. Job Close Out, Analysis, and Reporting
Lesson 42 - End of Job Processing (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 43 - Job Analysis
Lesson 44 - Job Reporting
Lesson 45 - Phases (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 46 - Comments
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What's New in Job Manager 2017
Lesson 47 - NAV Changes
Lesson 48 - Job Cockpit
Lesson 49 - Job Manager Change Orders
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